Keep Calm Series (Stress & Anxiety)

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Keep Calm Series (Stress & Anxiety)

John Cordray

If you suffer from Anxiety and you want to start feeling better, you don't want to miss out on this course! You can download the lessons any time, they're yours to keep - or download the Gumroad app!

Anxiety is almost impossible to explain, yet it's so powerful and disruptive. This course will give you the confidence you need to prevent your anxiety from winning again. Your anxiety won't go down without a fight, but this course will give you the tools you need to gain the upper hand. You can do this!

This 35 lesson course (plus 2 bonus lessons) targets specific areas of anxiety such as, initiating a conversation, going somewhere new or unfamiliar, overcoming self-doubt and self-criticism, building self-confidence, and facing fears with real life examples.

Course Contents:

1. Course Introduction 

2. Between Two Minds (3 Lessons)

John introduces The Alpha Mind & The Beta Mind and encourages you to get ready. The Beta Mind is the place where your out of balanced emotions live. An example of The Beta Mind is when your anxiety takes over your logical thinking. John talks about The Alpha Mind and sets the stage for your success with this course. 

3. Anatomy of Anxiety (5 Lessons)

In these lessons John talks about the difference between worry and anxiety and helps you learn what to look out for. John talks about the three main reasons for anxiety. Have you ever wondered why you have anxiety? Learn what you can do if your anxiety causes nausea. John talks about the 80/20 Fear Ratio to help you distinguish between what is rational fear and distorted thinking, and discover the three ways to help you learn to keep calm.

4. Gaining the Right Perspective (3 Lessons)

How often are you critical of yourself? A lot, right? John helps you gain a better perspective about your mistakes and even failures. It's time to stop being your worst critic. How many times to you compare yourself and your situation with others? Social Anxiety often takes over and it's easy to compare yourself. Find out what John has to say about comparing yourself. Just because you fail at something, doesn't mean you're a failure. Having the right mindset will help you work on your self-confidence. 

5. Anxiety Tools, Tips and Tricks (10 Lessons)

John talks truth about using tools that you need to hear. Making a T-Chart is an effective way to process your thoughts and feelings. You may not realize it at the time when you anxiety is high, but you do have options. John talks about how you can find your options and how they can help with your anxiety. Learn what Active Observation is and how it can help when you have anxiety. Knowing how to recenter when you're anxious and feeling overwhelmed is really helpful to bring calmness back to your mind. If you ever find yourself feeling anxious about not knowing what to say to people this tool will help. Self-talk can be a powerful motivator if you do it right. Learn how to use self-talk to help you deal with your anxiety. Something as simple as making a plan before you go somewhere can really help with feeling in control. Learn what a victory journal is and why it can help you master your anxiety. Documenting your anxiety journey is an important step to learning more about your anxiety.

7. Real Life Examples (6 Lessons)

John takes you inside a car to talk about driving anxiety. John goes inside a grocery store to talk about different tools that can be used to be able to go grocery shopping. Grab a cup of coffee and watch John talk about what to do when you have anxiety about going to the coffee shop. We all need to get gas, but sometimes getting gas can cause anxiety. John takes you to the gas pump to talk about what you can do to help reduce your anxiety while you fill up. "Would you like fries with that?" Join John as he makes an order at the drive through and talks about tools you can can use to reduce your anxiety. John recaps his "field trip" and sums up what you need to do if you have anxiety about going to public places.

8. Dealing with Social Anxiety (3 Lessons)

John talks about Busting 3 myths about Social Anxiety that you probably believe, what an imaginary audience is and helps you understand what to do about it, and how to help someone in your life that may have a hard time understanding your social anxiety. John provides practical and insightful advice for those who don't quiet understand what it's like to live with social anxiety.

9. Keep Calm Survival Kit (4 Lessons)

Spend some time really thinking about who you are. Self discovery is important step as you begin this course and John will walk you through how to begin understanding who you are. John talks about the difference between what you struggle with and who you really are. All of us have a negative thought cycle, but not everyone knows what to do about it. John describes the negative thought cycle and what to do when it comes out, and about what to do once you understand your negative thought cycle.

10. Bonuses (2 Lessons) 

John is talking about taking responsibility for getting better. John helps explain how to find the right therapist. You'll discover what John says about medication, do you always need medication for anxiety? Self-care is very important for your recovery. Listen as John encourages you to take good care of yourself and find something productive to do everyday, how to support someone with anxiety, work on building your self-confidence, and learn about the most common mental health struggle - you may be surprised!

At the end of this course, you'll be able to build your confidence, face your fears, and stop anxiety from taking over your life.

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